Evelyn Watts 1916-2008

Tributes by email

Hi Lucie, I'm Mary, Madeline and Gerry's youngest daughter. Mum has asked me to contact you and thank you for letting her know about Evelyn's death. She is 92 and recently widowed so doesn't feel she could cope with the journey and funeral. Please accept our condolences and thanks again for making the effort to let her know as I know Mum was very fond of her.

Kind Regards

Mary Jones

Dear Lucie,

Thank you for your letter.

Please, can you pass at Simone, Bertie, Mark and their childrens, all my sadness, to waste Evelyne.

A dear friend for me and my late wife Odette.

Realy condolences.

If you want to answer, mail adress on the top.


Dear Lucy

We were saddened to hear that Evelyn had died, ending a long and most remarkable life and we send condolences to you, Simone, Bertie and Mark, none of whom either of us ever met.

I recall Evelyn flying about Tonbridge on top of an open car with a pointy back and I have my copy of Provencal Trilogy to remember her by.

Our main contact was my parents' friendship with Johnny and Mrs Watts. Johnny coached me at their home in Dry Hill Park Road in Maths and English composition and lent me stimulating books such as all his Sherlock Holmes.

It was so nice of you to invite us to join your celebration of Evelyn's life. Unfortunately we are unable to do so as we have recently moved to Bath, which is why I'm sending an e-mail as we only received your letter today. We shall be thinking of you and hope that your sad moments are balanced by joyful celebration.

With kind regards


From: Chris.Howgrave-Graham

Dear Lucie

I was so sorry to hear about Eve. David telephoned me with the news. Eve was simply one of the most wonderful people I ever knew and very special. She was a very good and kind godmother to me and though we didn't see each other as much as I would have liked when we met or spoke on the phone, conversation was always easy, full of interest and good humour. I'm just sorry I didn't get across to see her in the last year as I had meant to, I was working hard and with Ross, my wife, spending a lot of time looking after her mother. We last came over just after her 90th.

Ross and our boys knew her less, but took to her immediately and will also remember her well. We are all full of admiration for what Eve achieved in her life and I am sure she will be missed by all who knew her. For me she was my last contact with that generation, Mum, Eve's great schoolfriend died in 2000 and Dad in 2005, others in between. Ross still has her mother and other relatives over here in Italy. I have Eve's books and when I am back I will delve into them again, Eve will live on in my memories.

As David has explained, very sadly we will not be able to get to Eve's funeral. I am at our house in Italy, David arrives today and other friends tomorrow and Thursday. Ross is in Oxford looking after her mother who has just come out of hospital. I will be thinking of you all and Eve and will light a candle for her in our local church. I would also have liked to catch up with you all, some of you I have met, but a long time ago!

Many thanks for getting in touch and all the very best for Thursday, we will be thinking of you and would so much have liked to be there in person to say our farewells to Eve and to meet you all.

Chris, Ross, Jonathan and Matthew

Dear Lucie,

Your letter concerning Eve's Service reached me this morning. Thank you so much for letting me know. As I told Simone the other day, it is not possible for me to come up on Thursday all the way from Devon. But please believe that I will be thinking of you all on that day and at that time.

You are all so much in my thoughts during these days. I will send a donation to St. Christopher's Hospice in memory of a very dear, kind and loving friend. Take care, all of you.

Robin Brindley.

From: Penelope Harvey

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for writing on behalf of Simone, Bertie , Mark and all your family with details of Thursday's arrangements to celebrate Eve's life. I will be bringing my parents Doreen and Ted Barnard, and my sister Felicity Willows. Paul is sorry that he will not be able to come.

I'm so glad that Mum, Dad and I were able to visit Eve a few weeks ago, when despite the hugh physical difficulties she was contending with she was her usual courageous self, full of wisdom and humour.

For me it has been such a priviledge to have been known and encouraged by Eve for all of my life; my Mum after nearly 60 years of great friendship is missing her such a lot, and grateful to Bertie whose wonderful care of Eve also included communicating so thoughtfully with her friends. We feel for you all in this time of such loss.

I'm sorry this reply is by e-mail: I don't think a posted letter will reach you before Thursday. I look forward to meeting you on then.

With best wishes,

Penny Harvey

From: Online Originals

Dear Lucie

Thank you for your letter sadly informing Online Originals of the passing of Evelyn Watts. My sincere condolences to you, Simone, Bertie and Mark for your loss.

As one of our earliest authors, Evelyn is fondly remembered here among our reviewers and staff as helping to set the tone for the press -- inspiring us to seek out authors who, following her example, are humanitarian, independent and generous spirits. Evelyn's endearing true-life story of the Provencal village home for war-damaged children charms all who read it. Her family should feel very proud of everything she achieved and strived for.

We will of course continue to offer her e-book 'Castle on a Hill' on our website. I'm afraid there has never been much in the way of royalties from her particular title -- only a copy or two a year -- but that's never been an issue for us, as we're very pleased to represent her on our list. If you approve, we would now like to enlarge the readership of her fascinating history by offering it to readers for free. We find that audiences grow substantially when an e-book is offered for free, and I'm sure Evelyn would have been pleased for more people simply to hear her heartfelt story.

I apologise that I will be travelling this Thursday and so with regret cannot attend the service. Please mention to some of those in attendance how much she was appreciated for her literary writing -- and for her personal history of heroic charity and kindness to others.

With best wishes,

David Gettman

Founder and Director

Online Originals